Statement About Pfizer’s Decision to Discontinue VALOR Study Participants

We jointly embarked with Pfizer on the VALOR study to deliver this highly unique and complex research study. We worked closely with Pfizer every step of the way, from design to execution, in order to reach participants in remote and sometimes inaccessible communities where Lyme Disease is endemic.

Pfizer informed us of its decision to discontinue thousands of study participants only recently, and we disagree with the decision and its basis. We are sharing information with the FDA and the independent Institutional Review Board for this study to ensure they have the facts.

Our commitment is to patient safety and data integrity, and we are dedicated to providing research excellence across our research sites around the globe on hundreds of active studies that serve thousands of study participants.

We are most disappointed for the study participants and are heartbroken about the impact this will have on the underserved communities that we reached and with whom we partnered. We are committed to continue serving these communities to fight Lyme Disease and other health conditions.