New Study Addressing Global Concern for Breast Cancer Treatment Now Available in Clifton, N.J.

New investigational drug seeks to prolong effectiveness of cancer treatment even after long-term usage.

BOSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — A cancer research study focusing on hormone receptor-positive HER2-negative (HR+/HER2-) metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is now available to patients in the Clifton, N.J., area.

The SERENA-6 trial, sponsored by AstraZeneca, is a global study that aims to address a critical issue faced by many patients: their treatments become less effective over time.

In advanced breast cancer, patients receive a treatment that combines an estrogen-reducing drug with a drug that slows cancer cell growth. While this combination works well, over time, it may stop working because of mutations in the ESR1 gene. This study will evaluate if an experimental trial drug, combined with a cancer-slowing drug, might work better than conventional estrogen-reducing drugs for patients with ESR1 mutations.

“The goal of this trial is to help participants stay on their treatment plan for as long as possible, delaying the need for more intensive therapies like chemotherapy, which can be hard on the body,” said Dr. Richards Afonja, Principal Investigator at Care Access - Clifton. “Ultimately, we hope to improve the quality of life for patients.”

Participants in this phase 3 study must have been diagnosed with HR+/HER2-MBC and have an ESR1 mutation. To learn more, visit or contact Care Access at (351) 222-5112.

Care Access opened its Clifton, N.J., location in collaboration with local community leaders and healthcare providers seeking to make clinical research more accessible to the greater Clifton community.