At Care Access, our mission is our business.

We chose healthcare because we want to help people. We chose clinical research because we want to affect healthcare on a large scale. We chose Care Access because we want to bring new therapies to patients faster and increase access to clinical trials for under-represented communities.

This is our mission, and we do it day in, day out.

Our Principles

Carrying out our mission means committing ourselves to a set of principles that guide our work and propel us forward. We keep these principles visible in our daily lives to ensure we never lose sight of them.

We are here to build the future of medicine, healthcare, and research, for Everyone—we are just getting started.

Stay humble.

No matter what we achieve, it is not enough. There is always much more we still need to do. And we can always do better.

Be the best.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we try to elevate those standards to higher levels.

Always seek to contribute.

We consider ourselves responsible for building the best outcome. This means not just doing our jobs, but always asking what more we can be doing.

Be part of the team.

Success in clinical trials and engaging under-represented communities does not come from individual achievement. It comes from teamwork.

Treat any mistake as big, no matter how small.

We take our errors seriously, even if small — this means that we work hard to identify mistakes, fix them, learn from them, and work hard to prevent them from happening again.

Build for the future.

Mind the details, keep your rhythm, and focus on the goal, no matter how big or small.

Leadership Team

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You can be a part of the solution. Help save lives and make history.

Accelerating the
Future of Medicine
for Everyone

We’re not just providing more patients with access to innovative research studies, we’re transforming the healthcare industry.

With the support of 14 of the top 15 pharmaceutical and biotech partners, we are scaling a new model for the clinical trial site, where more physicians and their own patients engage in cutting-edge research to develop and approve new therapies faster.

Our Mission