Site Support Staffing

Our experienced research staff help study sites address the key pain points in trial execution:

  • Limited capacity and bandwidth
  • Need for additional staff capabilities
  • Insufficient access to medical specialists
  • Low patient enrollment and retention

Reach Your Enrollment Potential

With our experience conducting hundreds of research studies across numerous therapeutic areas, we have the ability to provide a wide range of specialized staff roles so that your research sites can enroll more participants for your studies.

Our clinical research professionals work alongside the site's research team under the PI's guidance, and a dedicated Site Support Relationship Manager ensures smooth integration of our staff into site operations.

Fully Customized and Scalable Staffing Services

Site Staff Augmentation

Site Staff Augmentation

  • Clinical research coordinators (on-site, traveling, virtual)
  • Sub-investigators (on-site, traveling, virtual)
  • Patient educators (on-site, traveling, virtual)
  • Patient Resource Partners
  • Research assistants
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Psychometric raters
  • Optometrists
  • Dieticians
  • …and many more specialized roles
Centralized Research Staff

Centralized Research Staff

  • Patient management
  • Remote data entry specialists
  • Central psychometric raters
  • Central sub-investigators
  • Audit readiness, preparation, and support

What Research Sites Are Saying

“Rebecca's professionalism, understanding and execution of study protocol, and ability to adapt to our site's protocols and needs have been outstanding. Care Access has not only made it possible for our site to run this protocol, but they've made it flow so easily.”

Research Site in California

Deliver Exceptional Patient Experiences

Improve enrollment and retention by providing patients with personalized support throughout the trial journey. Our Patient Education and Patient Resource Partner programs can embed into any trial, and have proven to be especially impactful in cancer trials and trials with hard-to-reach patient populations.

Patient Education

Our Patient Educators:

  • Engage communities and healthcare organizations through education
  • Build trust through open and culturally-sensitive communication
  • Support trial enrollment at community-based screening events or traditional sites
  • Empower patients to make informed decisions
  • Offer the flexibility that patients need with traveling and virtual teams
  • Provide a tailored approach for each patient so they are well-informed and engaged throughout the study
  • Refer patients to Patient Resource Partner, as needed

Patient Resource Partner Program Pathway

Patient Resource Partner

Our Patient Resource Partners:

  • Increase patient engagement and retention by reducing barriers to care
  • Conduct assessments of patients’ non-medical needs, such as financial concerns, transportation, and childcare
  • Enroll patients in financial assistance programs
  • Enroll patients in government programs for daily living costs
  • Make the entire trial journey as easy as possible with ongoing guidance, reminders, and check-ins
  • Enable more diverse and representative populations to participate

What Patients Are Saying

Patient Resource Partner

"In a caring and personal way, you have helped find and apply for available financial assistance programs. With these organizations you have negotiated and advocated for me, helped me in their application processes, and expedited their approval cycles. As importantly, you have helped ensure that my participation in a clinical trial got going, and that it and my treatment are staying on track. You and your organization are a ray of sunshine in this gloomy episode!"

Oncology Clinical Trial Participant

"Without their help I couldn’t have paid for my cancer meds. I would have lost everything including my life. My patient navigator, Peyton, does such a great job. She explains everything so well and keeps me informed of everything she finds for assistance. I am truly blessed to have her and her organization in my life."

Oncology Clinical Trial Participant

Our Staffing Capabilities Are Growing

Staffing Support

We currently provide full staffing support in:

European Union
United Kingdom
United States
Staffing Support

Patient Educators are available in:

United Kingdom
United States

Additional staffing support coming soon to:


We have the ability to expand our staffing services to additional countries to accommodate sponsor priorities.

We are ready to help

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