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Teaching Practical Expertise in Clinical Research

Welcome to Care Access Training Academy, the online training solution that combines industry experts and tried-and-tested expertise from our own clinical research professionals in the field. Designed to provide practical knowledge, our training will prepare your staff for the challenges of clinical research and keep them at the forefront of what’s next. We offer courses on essential topics ranging from design and compliance to staff roles and responsibilities.

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First course is on us!

Start their clinical research journey with a complementary 60 minute course. Help them get a basic understanding of what they need to know to begin conducting a clinical trial.

Why Choose Care Access Training?

Our training is ideal for all of your operational clinical staff including CRCs, research assistants, first-time and experienced investigators, study managers, research nurses, site managers, site directors, and anyone involved in the day-to-day conduct of clinical trials. Here's why you should choose Care Access Training Academy:


Clinical Trials

Our direct experience in conducting over 300 clinical trials is distilled into our courses, providing your staff with conceptual and real-world learnings, interactive practice questions, and more.

  • Experienced Course Developers

    Our expert course developers have over 20 years of direct clinical research experience in site development, site management and clinical operations. They have helped train thousands of staff members to get them ready for roles across almost every function of a clinical research organization.
  • Real-world, Practical Expertise

    We train based on real-life, commonly encountered scenarios and challenges that prepare staff for the field. Our own clinical trial coordinators have already benefited from our training programs and proven their effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive and Engaging Curriculum

    Our training courses cover a wide array of essential topics, including regulatory and ethical compliance, study design and conduct, documentation, and staff responsibilities. Learners engage with interactive modules and multimedia resources to enhance their learning experiences.
  • Flexible, Online Learning

    Clinical staff have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience. Our online modules are accessible anytime, anywhere, so staff can balance their training alongside personal and professional commitments.
  • Emerging Topics

    Being an innovator in the clinical research field, Care Access is on the leading edge of what’s new in research. Our modules go beyond standard training to cover the most up-to-date topics in clinical research.
  • Care Access Certification

    Upon successful completion of our training modules, including exams demonstrating proficiency, users will earn a certification validating their expertise in clinical research. This certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence and elevates learners in the industry.

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