Together, we can bring clinical trials to all communities.

Certain minority communities have been heavily underrepresented in clinical trials. If we fail to engage people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds in clinical trials, we cannot be certain a new therapy is really safe and effective for everyone.

Care Access brings clinical trials to underrepresented communities.

We are taking concrete steps to make clinical studies more accessible, representative, and inclusive for people of all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. We establish local partnerships to engage previously underrepresented communities, and we leverage our mobile, decentralized trial capabilities to bring clinical research options to them.

We have launched the BRIDGE Initiative to improve diversity and representation in clinical trials.

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We partner with leading sponsors to increase diversity and representation in their trials

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At Care Access we have the capabilities needed to bring research to underrepresented communities at scale. And we are acting on it.

If you are a sponsor interested in solving the hard problems preventing our industry from making clinical trials a real option for so many patients and physicians, contact us. We want to partner with you to solve those problems and make clinical research accessible to everyone.

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Accelerating the Future of Medicine for Everyone

We’re not just providing more patients with access to innovative care options, we’re transforming the healthcare industry.

With the support of top pharmaceutical and biotech partners, we are scaling a new model for the clinical trial site, where more physicians and their own patients engage in cutting-edge research to develop and approve new therapies faster.

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