Site Support Solutions

At Care Access, we recognize the challenges research sites face in resource-intensive studies. That's why we offer innovative and customized solutions that fill crucial skills gaps, safeguard quality, and increase capacity—at any site and for any trial.

Expand Your Site Capabilities and Capacity

Staff Training

Develop staff skills and competencies

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Mobile Infrastructure and Logistics

Reach patients where they are

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Source Document Creation

Ensure good documentation practice

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Staff Augmentation

Add research staff and medical specialists

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Every study is different, so we begin our engagement with a complimentary site assessment. We work closely with sponsors and sites to understand their study goals and constraints, and develop tailored solutions for each site.

Our experience with both traditional and innovative trial delivery models enables us to offer unique options that solve tough problems and help sites run more efficiently. Adding our resources to selected sites helps them successfully complete studies with minimal disruption to their existing operations.

Staff Training

When sites have too few staff members who are qualified to perform key responsibilities, such as consenting or medical record review, it causes bottlenecks and inefficiencies that negatively impact a trial. Our team of experienced clinical research professionals have helped train thousands of staff members to prepare them for nearly every function of a research site.

Live Virtual Training

Interact directly with experts

E-learning Modules

Study at your own pace

Assessment and Certification

Post-training exams and documentation of successful completion

Our training is ideal for all your operational staff, including:

  • CRCs
  • Research assistants
  • Nurses
  • First-time and experienced investigators
  • Study managers
  • Site managers
  • Site directors
  • Anyone involved in the day-to-day conduct of clinical trials

As part of our staff training services, we offer self-paced online courses that cover a wide array of essential topics, including regulatory and ethical compliance, study design and conduct, documentation, and staff responsibilities.
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Mobile Infrastructure and Logistics

Mobile Site Trailers and Vehicles

Mobile capabilities can extend the geographic reach of traditional sites or expand the physical space available to them. Our fleet of Mobile Site Trailers (MSTs) and Mobile Site Vehicles (MSVs) are highly configurable to serve as augmented points of care for existing sites or transportation of investigational products and biological samples.

Each vehicle is configured to meet the specific needs of the study, and can be custom branded.

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Mobile Units Support a Wide Range of Research Activities

Education and Consenting

Connect with patients beyond your site locations:

  • Includes electricity and internet access
  • Private and comfortable environment

Mobile Labs and Imaging

Conduct screening and monitoring activities:

  • Collect, store, and transport samples to labs
  • Perform medical imaging procedures
  • Includes high-quality equipment and supplies

Patient Visits

Perform a wide range of patient care activities:

  • Conduct patient exams
  • Administer investigational products
  • Provide infusion therapies
  • Offer home visits

IP Distribution

Each vehicle has multiple layers of control mechanisms for safe and secure IP transport, including:​

  • Refrigerators and freezers​
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Backup​ generator

We Provide the Equipment and Supplies

We equip MSTs and MSVs with the materials needed for your study, such as:

  • PPE
  • Hand wash station
  • Exam table
  • Refrigerator and freezer (with temperature sensors)
  • Scale
  • Printer and scanner
  • Wi-Fi
  • Packing and shipping supplies
  • Privacy curtains and gowns
  • Sharps container
  • Specimen containers and labels
  • Centrifuge
  • Diagnostic instruments

Source Document Creation

Inadequate or inaccurate source documentation is one of the most commonly cited issues in site inspections and audits. Creating documentation that meets all applicable requirements places a significant burden on research sites. 

No matter how complex the study, the experienced team at Care Access can help create and maintain source for the life of the trial.

Staff Augmentation

Do you need additional site staff or medical specialists? 

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We Support Sites Around the World

Site Support Solutions are now available in:

Brazil Flag icon Brazil
United Kingdom Flag icon United Kingdom
United States Flag icon United States

Available soon in:

Argentina Flag icon Argentina
Canada Flag icon Canada
Poland Flag icon Poland
Spain Flag icon Spain

We have the ability to expand our support to additional countries to accommodate sponsor priorities.

How can we help your study sites?

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